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Who are the Palnackie Harbour User Group?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

The PHUGs are an enthusiastic and passionate group of community members with a stake in Palnackie Harbour, whether as local landowners, boat users, facility users and more; essentially anyone with a stake in harbour activities can be a PHUG.

The PHUGs serve an important role in supporting the harbour; as a community stakeholder group they can have their voice heard to ensure that any developments within the harbour are in the interests of its users.

As beneficiaries of the Urr Navigation Trust, the PHUGs are responsible for ensuring the trust acts in their interests, which lends to the unique community regulation spirit that prevails within the harbour. Thanks to this special relationship with a statutory regulatory body, the harbour is truly community owned and operated.

The PHUGs are dedicated to ensuring that the harbour is restored to a usable state, and is committed and aligned with the goals laid out in the UNT's prospectus for Palnackie Harbour

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