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La Malouine

Tall Ship La Malouine. Polish Ice breaker. Captain Roy Kerr and crew

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Captain Roy Kerr

Welcome Aboard!

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My Story

La Malouine had a unique start in life as a 1965 Polish tug icebreaker, where she would clear the way through the frigid Arctic ice so cargo could safely pass through.

In the 90's she was bought by a new owner and repurposed with her current striking brigantine sailing rig, and she spent several years as a luxury charter ship on the French coast, with fine meals prepared in her extensive galley.

She was sold yet again in the late 00's, and her new owner took her on several trips to South America and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, due to reasons which are still unclear, she was abandoned in France after a few years. 

It is here where Captain Kerr found the ship, in a sorry state of repair with a lot of rigging and machinery missing due to plundering. He immediately fell in love with the ship, and went on a daring mission to get her engine fired up and returned to Britain! As we all know, he made it back, and thanks to generous donations and a lot of personal investment, the ship is now in top shape and spending the summer months aweing visitors at tall ship festivals in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

La Malouine is volunteer crewed, meaning you can get a chance to sail her! No experience is necessary, just an enthusiastic attitude for learning on the fly! Get in touch with La Malouine now on Facebook:

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